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Thread: capital letters

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    Unhappy capital letters


    I took the IELTS exam four days ago and I am worried about sth.

    I know that we must write the first letter of some specific words like the name of countries in capital letters (e.g.; England) in the answer sheet, but Iím wondering what if we use capital letters for all the answers. It would be considered wrong? For example if is the answer is "vaults" or "damaged environment" and you write it as "VAULTS" or "DAMAGED ENVIRONMENT" will test markers consider them as wrong answers? I'm very worried about it because all of my answers are written in this style and there was nothing about it in the instructions written in the exam booklet.
    can anybody tell me sth on this issue?

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    Re: capital letters

    If the question is not seeking to see if you understand that it's 'England', not 'england', then it is highly unlikely you would be penalized for writing your answers in capital letters. Most forms that people have to fill in specifically ask one to "Complete Using Capital Letters".

    If a question asked something like, name two countries in Europe, and you wrote FRANCE and GERMANY, then....

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