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    About certificates(?) for good grades

    Good evening!

    I hope I am expressing myself as clearly as possible.

    How do you English people name those documents (or some kind of a diploma) that are given for excellent (or just good) marks (grades)? (I am not really sure you have such stuff. Well, obviously you do.)

    In Latvia, we have those papers at the end of a term or a year and on the paper is written something like this: "Gratitude for good and excellent marks".

    And one more thing: I did a research work about the American counter-culture and a jury gave me a document with the words "Appreciation (or acknowledgement) of creative approach in working out the scholars’ research".
    What could it be in English? :)
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    Re: About certificates(?) for good grades

    Certificate of Achievement


    (Specific name ) i.e. All-A Honor Roll Certificate

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