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Thread: differences

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    Smile differences

    Hello everybody,

    what is the the difference between:



    Thank you!

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    Re: differences

    Quote Originally Posted by kukinecka View Post
    Hello everybody,

    what is the the difference between:

    horrible/terrible Usually no difference.

    convince/persuade See this: 77. convince / persuade. 3. Word Choice. The American Heritage Book of English Usage. 1996

    Thank you!

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    Re: differences

    Hi Kukinecka,

    Do you have access to a dictionary? A good dictionary can be a reliable source for the information you're seeking.

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    Re: differences

    Or the ANC and BNC; I did a quick comparison of the twop words and there are some collocations like 'terrible twos' (many babies have temper tantrums at that age, apparently), but little else. However, someone can easily be a terrible cook, but a horrible cook would simply be an unpleasant person and not a judgement of their abilities in the kitchen. There are some irrelevant entries like 'Hagar the Horrible'. I have attached a screenshot of the top part or the results.
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    Re: differences

    Dear kukinecka,
    According to Webster's New Dictionary of Synonyms,something terrible causes fear and agitation, but something horrible causes fear, aversion or loathing. This is a fine distinction from a reliable source but the question is "Do all people recognise this difference?"
    About the second pair, I think, to all intents and purposes there is little to choose between them. However, for some people persuade implies using a bit more force to convince, but it is hard to say.

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