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    Please check grammar errors thanks..

    I am very interest in applying for the Special Education Cross-Categorical teaching position available at Green Run Elementary School. While browsing the Virginia Beach Schoolís website I came upon this position. According to the job qualifications you are asking that all applicants hold a teacher license. I currently do not hold a teaching license; however, I have completed my entire curriculum for my Cross Categorical masterís program and I am eligible for a provisional license according to the Virginia Beach licensing department.

    Mr. Sykes being a special education teacher is not just a job for me it is personal. At the age of six my son was diagnosed as having ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and an ED (Emotional Disorder). As a mother it was important for me to educate myself with the acts and laws surrounding his disability because I wanted to be sure he was receiving the modifications and accommodations he needed to be successful and meet his educational goals. I was at every IEP (Individualized Evaluation Process) meeting making sure the curriculum and the goals set in the IEP would fit his academic and social needs. Going through school can be hard for students with special needs because they tend to feel defeated and cast out. My son use to feel the same way, but I kept speaking life into him and instilling hard work, dedication, and good morals. I kept reminding my son that he could do and be whatever he wanted to be in life. Today, my son is a freshman in College and sings for an awesome Christian group in Florida. Positive things can happen when you donít give up on a child.

    I do not believe in giving up on students with special needs nor do I believe in degrading them with words or actions, however, I do believe in positive reinforcement. I am not looking to be a babysitter for a student with physical or mental challenges I am looking to be a teacher who will be dedicated and diligent in her efforts to provide the students with appropriate curriculum, course content, teaching techniques, modifications, and accommodations so they can thrive. I will collaborate with teachers, parents, and all other IEP team members to make sure the student is receiving the skills necessary to be academically and socially ready for the next level.

    Mr. Sykes, thank you for taking the time to read my letter of interest. I hope you find that my qualifications meet your expectations for this position. Hope to hear from you soon.

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    Re: Please check grammar errors thanks..

    Yes the grammar is right.

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