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    There was a group called Emergency Broadcast Network. I think they were a music group. And they had REORGANIZED George's Bush Senior's State of the Union Speech OVER Queen's "We Will Rock You". They used all of his own words but re-edited them in a different order. So you had the president of the United States rapping: "Some may ask, why rock out now?"

    1. What does it mean "they had reorganized speech over Queen's.." Is there a simpler word/phrase which would describe the same? I know they somehow combined his speech with the words from the song.

    2. "why rock out now"? Does it have something to do with "shaking"? So, the president is saying "why shake something now?" I don't think it has anything to do with rock music.


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    Re: reorganize/rock

    "Reorganized" seems strange. Are you sure they didn't say "rearranged"? As in a musical arrangement? In any case, that's what it means.

    "Over": Hard to tell without listening to the piece, but it's likely they sampled the speech and the song and superimposed Bush (in the foreground) to Queen (in the background).

    "Why rock out now": "go crazy", "go ballistic", "act with supreme confidence"... or "run away"!. See A and B. (B gives some idea of what is being shaken.)


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