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    Talking I feel more and more uneasy

    Hello~ Can you help me say this naturally please?
    If my sentences are not naturall, would you just ignore them and give me your own sentence please? (it would be more helpful to me)

    A: I feel more and more uneasy he drives me home after office.

    B: uneasy what? Isnít it convenient for you?

    A: It was but not any more. There is no free lunch.
    ⓐWhat his intention will be?
    ⓑWhat his purpose will be?

    Iím sure has some evil intention.

    B: You are going too far.
    He is not such a boy, your home is just on the way his home and you guys are colleague,
    ⓐthatís all.
    ⓑthat's it.

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    Re: I feel more and more uneasy

    A: I am feeling more and more uneasy everyday when he drives me home from the office.

    B: Uneasy? Why? Isnít it convenient for both of you?

    A: It was, but not any more. You know, there is no such thing as a free lunch. I wonder what he expects in return. I suspect he has some evil intention.

    B: You are going too far with this. He is not like that. Your place is just on the same way home, besides, you guys are colleague, thatís all.


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