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Thread: Syntax

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    What should I do if asked to classify all the words into parts of speech according to their function in the sentence:

    I feel like having something to drink.

    Should I classify them like this:
    I- personal pronoun; feel- verb;like- conjunction...Or should I mention that "I" functions as Subject of a sentence as well?

    Please help me.

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    Re: Syntax

    Dear Libra,
    There are quite a few ways of doing this depending on what model of grammar you follow. But generally words fall into different categories according to their part of speech and their function in a given sentence. A gerund, for example, can be the object or the subject: Playing golf fascinates me( ger. as subject) & I love playing golf(ger. as object).
    BTW, "like" in "feel like" is part of the verb phrase not a conjunction

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