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    Smile Rhyme and rhythm

    What are Rhyme and Rhythm? How do we understand and distinguise them from each other in a poetry? Plz help. Thanks

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    Re: Rhyme and rhythm


    In general, rhythm is the way the stresses, and more importantly all of the sounds together, arrange themselves when the words are read out loud, whereas rhyme is a purely poetical device, by which the words at the end of corresponding lines share the final sounds. For a proper rhyme, at least the final vowel and any consonants that follow it must be the same. -- The same in speech, not writing.

    Like as the waves make toward the pebbled shore
    So do our minutes hasten to their end
    Each changing place with that which goes before
    In sequent toil all forwards do contend.

    The rhymes are made bold. As for rhythm, everyone makes their own sense of it.

    Please carefully distinguish rhythm from meter. "Meter" is the pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables (here, iambic pentameter). "Rhythm" is the more general sound pattern, and its effect on the listener. In other words, meter affects rhythm, but does not completely determine it.
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