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    Use of has and have

    Can some one clear the usage of the has and have in my understanding we use have with singular subject for example "I have a pen" ,but confuion is this we also use "we have a pen" "we" is plural but why we used have with this subject.can some one clear me

    I have a book

    we have a book

    She/He has a book {also some time we write she have book is it write}

    They have a book {also some times we write they have book}

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    Re: Use of has and have

    {also some time we write she have book is it write}

    {also sometimes we write, "She have book." Is it right?} NO

    {also "They have book."} "They have a book..."

    The verb 'to have' is declined, Present, Past, Present Perfect, Past Perfect, Future, as:

    I,we,they have, had, have had, had had, will have
    he, she, it has
    he, she, it had
    he, she, it has had
    he, she, it had had
    he, she, it will have
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