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  1. raj_150879

    Question Help: Complete these sentences

    Please let me know the correct choice/answer: -

    1. Because diabetes can cause devastating ( damage/damages) to virtually all body (system/Systems) people should not underrate seriousness of their disease
    - damages/system
    - damage/system
    - damage/systems
    - damages/systems

    2. The diabetes series is free and open to the public & will be of specific (interest/interests) to people who have diabetes and their families and friends.

    3. world vision (maintain/maintains) a network of employess which (place/places) tha agency in a unique position
    - Maintains / place
    - maintain/place
    - maintain / places
    - maintains / places

    4. ABC was ______ about taking promotion
    - Ambiguous
    - Ambivalent
    - None
    - Both

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    Re: Help: Complete these sentences

    What would your choices be?

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