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    Etiquette to the contrary?

    Dear Teachers,

    I read these from The Decline and Fall of Practically Everybody by Will Cuppy:

    "Since she was a woman of more than average intelligence, with a talent for caustic comment, it seems a shame that her remarks on this particular matter are lost to us. Etiquette to the contrary notwithstanding, I shall always believe that she told him a thing or two."

    "Etiquette to the contrary notwithstanding" seems too fragmental for me to understand the meaning of the sentence. What is it saying?

    A paragraph explains how Louis XV started an affair with Madame du Barry. Then it goes, "The Duchesse de Gramont, who had been trying to make Louis, was fit to be tied."

    I can't figure out what "make" mean in this context. Make him love her? Make his a successful king?

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    Re: Etiquette to the contrary?

    means: Manners or social norms to the side,

    make = seduce

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