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Thread: half and step

  1. Picole

    half and step

    Hi teachers,

    I was wondering if there's a difference between these two terms like in 'half brother' and 'step brother'.
    If I had to define them myself, I would say that 'half brother' is someone you have a blood-tie with and with whom you share the same mother or father but not both.
    As for 'step brother',he is someone whom you don't have a blood tie with and he becomes your 'brother' by the union of one of your parents.

    Am I right?
    I wonder if it's common to make such distinction nowadays...

    Please advise and thank you.

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    Re: half and step

    Thats correct. After my father died, my mother remarried and had another baby. He is my half brother since we share the same mother. Had he brought children from his previous marriage there would be no blood relationship and we would be step brothers.

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