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    drag / pull / draw

    Dear teachers,

    I know that “drag”, “draw” and “pull” are synonyms.

    The word “draw” is the most general word and means to make something move from one place to another.

    To drag is to draw something with difficulty, especially something that offers resistance.

    To pull means to use force in order to make a person or thing move and refers to the effort we make rather than to the motion of the body, e.g.

    Draw your chair nearer to the table. The dogs were pulling the sledge and the women behind it was dragging a heavy load.

    Figuratively, we say “the days drag’ when they pass slowly.

    Would you be kind enough to tell me whether I may say “the day was drawing towards evening” when we imply that time was pasing without the heaviness of dragging?

    Thank you for your efforts.



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    Re: drag / pull / draw

    I dont agree. The most general word is 'move'. It specifies nothing other than a change of location. By contrast 'pull' is specific in that you must be in front of the object being moved, whilst 'push' means you are behind it. 'Drag' means to pull with high friction, so you could tie a rope around a log and drag it. If you put the log in a cart you would pull the cart (or push it). To 'draw' seems archaic to me, your example phrase is one such place it is still used.

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