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    Smile many difficulty in passive voice

    Hello Team,

    This is Harvinder Singh,
    I want to enhance my English language.
    I have found difficult to speaking passive voice.
    If you help me out and i am looking the with verb following the prepositions.
    Exp:- I speak "to" you ,I am dreaming of travailling abroad.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Harvinder Singh

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    Re: many difficulty in passive voice

    Disclaimer: I'm not a teacher.

    Passive forms of "I speak to you" include "You are spoken to (by me)" and "You get spoken to (by me)".

    Passives of "I dream of travelling abroad" include "Travelling abroad is dreamt/dreamed of (by me)" and "Travelling abroad gets dreamt/dreamed of (by me)".

    Passive voice is a useful device for emphasizing the object of a verb and de-emphasizing the subject. Be careful how you use it, though. The above passives sound awful and I'd recommend not using them.

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