I would like your point of view on the following research proposal and any other ideas you can give or things that can be erased or added.
Your ideas are appreciated.
The research proposal:-
Influence of Stress in the pronunciation of English Language
Statement of the problem
How does stress influence in the pronunciation of English language?
Review of related literature
Speaking depends in stress and has great effects on communication. A worker or a pupil should know how does stress works in words or sentences in order to be able to communicate. He should know what type of stress is it in a word? Primary or secondary stress? Where to put it?
This research will give outline for the operation of stress in English language and provide hints for using correct stress during speaking
Significant of the study
It is said that speaking English language depends on the stress. A learner of English language may find it difficult to understand what he listened from radio or TV. This is because he canít differentiate between words types which are of great concern with stress. I.e. weather the word he listened is a noun or an adjective. Here lies the importance of stress.