I was very excited and not quite sure what to expect. The first zoo creature I met turned out to be an owl. He eyed me warily and I grinned back with a goofy smile. I turned and found myself face to face with an alligator. Unlike the owl, he was more concerned with basking in the morning sun than looking at me. I heard a noise and to my amusement there were a troop of monkeys fighting over a coconut. Then there was a herd of Arabian Oryx. The zoo keeper explained to us the efforts initiated by the late President of U.A.E to breed the Arabian oryx in captivity to prevent them from extinction.
I entered the main building, where the primates and reptiles are housed, and found a King Cobra slithering in its enclosure. also there was a separate section for the birds "the aviary". admissions to this were closed since the place was under repairs. An "Environment Protection Officer" briefed us on the efforts of the U.A.E government to preserve the endandered species.
All the excitement of the day made me tired and I slept off on our drive back home. I dreamt of hawks and eagles laughing at my jokes, zebras and ostriches running across the open plains, and a tiger splashing in a stream.