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    Question just so much

    Hi, I would like to ask the meaning of these two expressions: JUST SO MUCH AND MUCH THE SAME.
    I´ve found these sentences: There´s just so much to read ( Does it mean: There´s a lot of books to read) - There's Just So Much To Remember
    And: -then all external applause is just so much fluff. -because there is just so much stuff going on ...(there is only worthless speech around...?- )
    Just so much hot air (muchisimo aire caliente, debido al calentamiento de la atmosfera, o solamente aire caliente?).
    And the other: Much the same functions an adjective: similar?
    Heart Attack Risk Factors Are Much the Same, Wherever You Are (family history made hardly any difference to the overall PAR )- Just in your last sense, you gave pretty much the same answer that Judge Roberts did.
    Well, thank you.

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    Re: just so much

    In your sentences, much is an adjective.

    Substitute little to see how it helps to define the amount.


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