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    Question grammar

    Dear Teacher

    What's the difference between "think of) and "think about"?

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    Re: grammar

    'Think of' suggests a brief overview of the topic, where 'think about' invites more considered detail:

    'What do you think of Michael Jackson?' 'I think he's pretty strange.'

    'What do you think about Michael Jackson' 'Well, I used to really like him when he was part of the Jackson Five, but I think he's gone through a lot of wierd changes over the years. His recent run-ins with the Morals Squad make me think that he can't be entirely innocent of some of the charges laid on him...'

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    Re: grammar

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered
    Dear Teacher

    What's the difference between "think of and "think about"?
    In addition,

    think of: The origin and direction of your thoughts.
    think about: The subject, or topic of your thoughts.

    I am thinking of you. (you are the origin of my thoughts)
    I am thinking about you. (you are the subject of my thoughts)

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