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    Unhappy Argumentative Essay

    I am the point of pulling out my hair literally on this essay I've been focusing on it and it is just not coming to me at all. This is what I have so far I need to know is there is any type of argument at all:
    Who am I?”
    Ralph Ellison’s “Battle Royal” is about young black man who wants to deliver a speech. The speech that he gave at his high school graduation was to be delivered in front of the leading white citizens of his town. The young man in the story (who remained unnamed throughout the story) was facing an identity crisis. He had no idea who he was from an intellectual stand point. As you read on in the story you find that the identity crisis arises when his grandfather who is known to be a submissive man, calls himself a traitor after giving in and giving up after reconstruction. He is deemed a traitor because he was beyond the expectations of a black man.
    To be educated or well mannered can one be deemed a traitor amongst his own people? To go above and beyond societies expectations of my behavior am I a traitor? These are the questions asked by the main character in the story. He is a well behaved and a well mannered young man. Is respected amongst the whites in his town and he said to be the model of example behavior. He is his towns pride and joy. He is not like the average African American who described in the story as “sulky and mean” (Ellison 298)

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    Re: Argumentative Essay

    Is your assigment to write an argumentative essay?

    You have written a book review. I, too, cannot see the argument.

    Google Argumentative see some samples.

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