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    Smile Seminars

    good day

    please check my questions and answers,please help with more detials?

    1. What is a seminar?
    a seminar is,essentially,a group of people who come together to talk about a particular topic. Seminars is a gathering which is open to the public. There are vastly different kind of seminars;religious seminars,business seminars and academic seminars.Business seminars when management decide to make the organisation known by the public. Academic seminars when a group of students come together to discuss a particular topic. Religious seminars when a group of christians decide to reach out to discuss a particular topic.

    2. Why are seminar important?
    seminars are an important way of learning. Where you can clarify your own ideas and also learn from each other. Seminars give practice in general skills and help to develope confidence. They also unerline ther democratic nature of learning. everyone has the right to express their point of view and to comment.
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    Re: Seminars

    They're not always open to the public- a university seminar, for example, may well only be for its students.
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