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    the two girls / both girls / they both / both the girls

    Dear teachers,

    The thought about the compatibility of the article “the” with the pronoun “both” was preying on my mind and now I suppose there is an acceptable gratification of my keen curiosity.

    There is a brief excerpt from S.Leacock’s “How we kept Mother’s Day” with an illustrative example which put an end to my torment.

    The two girls thought it would be a nice to dress in our very best for such a big occasion and so they both got new hats, and Father bought silk ties for himself and us boys as a souvenir of the day to remember Mother day. We were going to get Mother a new hat too, but it turned out that she seemed to really like her old grey bonnet better than a new one, and both the girls said that it was awfully becoming to her.”

    Would you be kind enough to tell me whether the author is in his right to write the expression in bold?

    Thank you for your efforts.


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    Re: the two girls / both girls / they both / both the girls

    Why were you tormented?

    As long as you don't write, "The both girls"...

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