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    B5 Aspinall

    hi all,

    i speak spanish and have taught it quite a bit to americans. i always use mainly english and teach the way i was taught in school gradually adding more of the target language. i am starting a class teaching to some spanish speakers this friday night. i can just do the reverse and it will not be that hard for me.

    but how do people teach english without using the language of the speakers. i know that many classes have chinese, mexicans, french, etc. all in the same class and everything is in english. i wouldn't even know how to start. i want to learn as i am majoring in english in college.

    any help. if i just start talking in english how will they understand anything if it is not translated. thanks for any info.


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    Re: B5 Aspinall

    If you can, go watch other teachers do it. Also, there must be books on the subject. And you can Google ESL teacher resources and ESL teacher training.

    Good luck!


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