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    Kick your ass

    Is the phrase "I will kick your ass" obscene, or insulting?

    Or could it be something usually said between friends?

    And also, what does it mean exactly? Is it the same as "I will defeat you?".

    Many thanks!

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    Smile Re: Kick your ass

    kick (somebody's) ass (mainly American very informal!)
    to punish someone or to defeat someone with a lot of force The General saw the conflict as a chance for the Marines to go in and kick ass. We want to go into the game and kick some ass.

    kick (somebody's) ass (rude)
    1. to fight someone and hurt them kick (somebody's) butt You do that again and I'm gonna kick your ass, he yelled at the terrified boy.
    2. to defeat someone completely kick (somebody's) butt I want to kick their ass, just like any other team we face on the field.

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