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    household arrangements breaking down


    I would like to know if "household arrangements" means the same as "housework". The complete sentence is: he had not been aware that the household arrangements were breaking down.

    And what about "breaking down"? Does it refer to the fact that lately there is nobody who's taken care of the housework?

    Thank you in advance

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    Re: household arrangements breaking down

    My interpretation would pertain to the relationships within the household. Its the sort of thing someone would say about a divorce, a child leving home etc.

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    Re: household arrangements breaking down

    'household arrangements' are the 'rules' concerning the running of the household.
    Say a group of students is sharing a house. They would need to organize who does what and when - each putting in money to buy groceries for the week, putting in the rent money on Friday night ready for the landlord on Saturday morning; who puts out the garbage, who cooks which night of the week, no loud music after 9 .m. so others can study etc.

    So, if someone fails to cook and there is no evening meal, someone else brings back a crowd and has a party at 10 p.m., and someone else keeps forgetting to put out the garbage so that smelly bags start to pile up, someone else is short of money and gets behind in the rent and the others are finding it financially difficult to 'carry' the person and tide him over till he has money again, etc., the 'arrangements' are breaking down, falling apart, failing to operate so things run smoothly.

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    Thank you both very much!!! Your explanation has been really clarifying, David L. My try didn't make much sense...

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    Re: household arrangements breaking down

    Living arrangements might be used.

    That would cover all David L's examples.

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