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    Exclamation How do we change this paragraph into a third person singular?

    My friend was wondering how to change this:
    Why do we like horror movies so much? After all, most those thrilling movies make us look cowardly and hide under a blanket, give us nightmares, etc. ScienceDaily says it’s because people like us enjoy being scared, Stephen King suggests that it may be because we’re all somehow “mentally ill” and it is “fun” to see menace sometimes, and the University of Wisconsin—Madison claims maybe it is because some of us need our amygdale part of the brain to be active and watching horror movies makes it kick in. But all the Science researches and horror movie experts’ ideas on the subject have one thing in common, all the reasoning that they can come up for why we enjoying watching horror movies are just hypothesis, i.e. no one really knows why we always pay a few bucks to watch movies like Die, Monster, Die

    Into third person singular (future tense)?

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    Re: How do we change this paragraph into a third person singular?

    Hi fender, we do not do homework FOR you but help you with it.

    so do the work yourself and then we will proofread it for you.

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