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    it's a news to me

    Somebody replied: it's a news to me.

    What does it mean? The listener surprised or feel good or bad? What's his emotinal reaction to the news generally?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: it's a news to me

    Hi Not a teacher opinion...

    I think it could mean either bad or good depending on the context.
    But yeah ofcourse it is something that is a surprise.

    Thanks for reading my reply.

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    Re: it's a news to me

    Note I'm not a teacher;
    Quote Originally Posted by jc.analyst View Post
    It's a news to me.
    News is an uncountable noun.


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    Re: it's a news to me

    It would be said when a surprising piece of information is obtained. Something that the other person didn't expect which may cause them to reconsider their conclusions.

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