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    Writer on the way to Mexico

    Alright, here's the thing. I graduated from Texas State University this past December and received a B.A. in Professional Writing. Since then, I have been working on a fairly large manuscript that could propel me into M.F.A. graduate work. The only thing that I care about is developing a keen sense for writing Fiction. I want to be a novelist. I would like to continue improving the fundamentals of my grammar, but I also feel that one of the most important ingredients to writing good fiction is derived from direct life experience. That gets me to the point of Mexico. I have several opportunities to teach English in Cuernavaca, Mexico. A part of me really wants to teach there, but the other part of me thinks that what I need to do is stay in Texas, pursue graduate work, and join up with some workshops. By the way, I don't even know if there are English writing workshops in Mexico. Are there?
    Anyways, here is my central dilemma. If I stay in the same place and go to school immediately, how much will this benenifit me? Does the idea of going to Mexico and trying to write on the cuff, while teaching English, sound like it will set me up for failure?

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    Re: Writer on the way to Mexico

    The only thing that matters if you intend to be a writer is that you write as much as you can, and remember that most people think that they can write a novel. My experience from reading thousands of first novels is that the essential spark that makes a good novel is quite rare. There are a number of sites online that set out to help potential writers.

    If you want to test your writing on the forums, post in Writing and Editing with examples for comment.

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