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    Talking Lismer

    Hi, everybody,

    There is a Canadian painter named Arthur Lismer. How do you pronounce this surname "Lismer"? I can not find the pronunciation of it anywhere. Could you have a look at it? Thank you!

    It is [], or [] ?

    P.S. I am learning American English.

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    Re: Lismer

    I believe it's pronounced /lɪzmɚ/ .

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    Re: Lismer

    Quote Originally Posted by particleman View Post
    I believe it's pronounced /lɪzmɚ/ .
    Hi, particleman,

    Thanks for your help! I get it !

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    Re: Lismer

    Sorry for the spurious link to Wikipedia. I was copying and pasting IPA characters from Wikipedia. I didn't mean for the link to appear in my posting above.


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