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    when do one have to use, HAVE DONE WITH , thanks

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    Re: hi

    Quote Originally Posted by fantium View Post
    When does one have to usex HAVE DONE WITH? Thanks.
    This is a very advanced question, so don't worry if you don't understand it yet. You might want to ask again in a year or two.

    First, you never have to use it, but you may often choose to use it. There are at least two ways:

    1. Have done with it is an idiom. It's about completing an unpleasant task. Other idioms meaning the same thing are:

    Get it over with.
    Be finished with it.
    Wash my my/his/her/their hands of it.
    Get it done and behind you/her/him/them.


    Digging the grave is a big job, so let's have done with it.
    I'm not looking forward to firing her, so I might as well have done with it.

    2. It's also part of an idiomatic verb form:

    What have you done with it? = Where did you put it?
    What has she done with her hair? = Her new hair-do is alarming.

    Again, if you're having trouble with this, ask again later. This might be higher level English than you're ready for now.

    [I edit copy and have tutored college writing.]


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