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    intention/intentions (uncountable things in a plural form)

    I am getting confused as to when it is appropriate to use "intention/imagination/motive/advice" (uncountable things) and when I am supposed to add "s"
    ie) what's the difference between "my intention" and "my intentions" when do I use just "intention"?

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    Re: intention/intentions (uncountable things in a plural form)

    I'll start, but with the request for others' perspectives: I'm about to make definite assertiions (because I can't at this moment think of anything to the contrary).

    We usually think of people/a murderer as having a single motive, and so would have to say something like, "What are the kinds of motives that drive people to commit murder?" (the plural form).

    'imagination' is singular.

    'intention' is primarily used in the singular. Where it is used in the plural is in the old-fashioned expression, "What are your intentions towards my daughter?", as asked by the father. He is asking, "Just what ideas have you got in mind as you express your interest/fondness for my daughter." Which really means, "I'm telling you that you had better not be just thinking of having your way with my daughter (seducing) and then abandoning her! You'd better be telling me that you adore her and will work your fingers to the bone to provide her with every luxury that life has to offer."

    I suppose we could say, "What are you intentions when you finish university?", but most people would say, "What are you planning to do/going to do when you finish your course?"
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