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    Question "there" is pronoun or adverb?

    Hi All,

    I would like to understand more about the part of speech is the word "there". According to Oxford Dictionary, there is describe as an adverb as in the sentence:

    'There is a glass."

    where "there" is the adverb to the verb "is".

    However, often than not, we heard the sentence:

    "We are going in there".

    I find this sentence seemed ungrammatical as that would indicate that "there" acting as a pronoun for a place that is mentioned before. For example,

    "This is the cave. We are going in there."

    Even then, I would think that the word "there" redundant, it should be just:

    "This is the cave. We are going in."

    So I would appreciate if anyone can enlightened me on the correct usage of this word in the above cases.

    Thank you.

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    Re: "there" is pronoun or adverb?

    Just on one simple example, I'm going to show you the difference:

    There is a glass there. where the first there is a pronoun (the so-called existential there) and the other there is an adverb.

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