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    Talking I spoke loudly and cried out unconsciously

    Hello~ Can you help me say this naturally please?

    A: What happened to you yesterday night?
    I heard you are having an argument with someone?

    B: I was talking on the phone with friend.
    She got on my perverse so I was upset and couldn’t control myself.
    And ⓐI spoke loudly and cried out unconsciously.
    ⓑI spoke loudly and cried out without knowing myself.Sorry for the noise.
    I will be more careful next time.

    A: ⓐNo,no, nothing.
    ⓑNo Problem.
    I was just a bit worried about you.

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    Re: I spoke loudly and cried out unconsciously

    She got on my nerves. I was upset and didn't know I was talking so loud. Sorry.
    No problem!


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