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    Two days ago I was watching an interview to an American actor on an English chanel...He was defining the character he had "played" ( I do not know if it is the correct verb I have to use here) in the movie...And I didn't catch the word he used to describe this character...I just heard something ending with -going...and I understood that the actor wanted to say something very similar to "cool". That is, the actor wanted to mean that that role was very cool, but he used another word to indicate this concept...Now, do you know any words ending with -going and meaning something very similar to "cool".

    For example: This is a cool person...(very fun, pleasant, enjoyable, attractive, friendly).

    Thanks for you help!

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    re: Doubts

    Outgoing means extroverted.
    Easygoing means laid back.

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    Re: Doubts

    Yes, an actor plays a character. That is correct.

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