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    Post motor coordination/ motor skills

    What is the difference between "motor coordination" and "motor skills"?

  2. glitterstar101

    Re: motor coordination/ motor skills

    Hi Dilermando

    Motor skills are broken up into gross motor and fine motor.

    Gross motor - use the larger muscle groups such as hopping, running etc

    Fine more - use the smaller muscle groups such as writing, knitting etc.

    Motor skills are like milestones e.g you can hop, run, hold a cup etc.

    Motor coordination invoves combining all these skills together to control activities. For example: knitting invovles holding the knitting needle and then manipulating the needles to make a scarf. This involves motor coordination. Another example is playing sport where you have to bounce a ball, use your reflexes, think and plan etc. You are coordination all your body.

    Hope this helps
    (Student Teacher)


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