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    PLEASE look through my motivation letter

    The last attempt. I think the grammar is quite ok,but i`m a bit worried about the whole narrative.THANK YOU for any comments.(never mind that black line)

    Dear Mr. or Mrs. ,

    I am high-school graduate, so during this year I had to make a lot of serious decisions. The biggest headache was the question “Where to study?”. I considered my country`s offered studies, but did not find what I would really like to study.Obviously, foreign educational institution`s diploma opens world, gives wider opportunities, so with this thought I concluded to take a shot at entering to abroad`s college.

    There were two countries I was choosing where to study- England And Denmark.The reasons why I have chosen the last-mentioned state are that it is said in Denmark are prepaired one of the bests business sphere proficients.This means that I will have good job opportunities in my homeland and worldwide,what is most important. Furthermore, by studying there I will have great ability to learn Danish language, which can be useful in other Scandinavian countries, and another language from elective subjects (this depends on where I will enter). Moreover, big plus is for free education. I know that living is quite expensive there, but I am not afraid of any kind of work and I will be trying to combine studying and working. I am also attracted by Denmark`s educational system`s attitude towards teaching and learning. Equivalent communication with professors, attention to practical information, work in groups, active involvement in lectures- this is what I am sure I will be getting in foreign college. And finaly, most important- in some Denmark`s colleges I found studies I am interested in. I believe that after I finish one of my chosen colleges, I will have not only diploma to show, what is quite often, but mainly- knowledge and practical skills.

    I became interested in business few years ago when for two months I have been working in guesthouse in Ireland and saw everything from inside. Although I was just a dishwasher, I got in with owners and by seeing how enthusiastic they were about their enterprise I understood that this is what I would like to be doing- have my own business or be a part of it. I have always admired people, such as my two uncles and my ex-boss in England, who did not have anything, but with their resolution, persistence, (nebijojimu rizikuoti) managed to establish and run profitable companies. I spent 3months in England and was absolutely reliant on myself- found a job, paid for food, rent. These two summers abroad gave me inexpresibly a lot. I lived in absolutely different cultures than mine and managed to adapt, communicated with all sorts of nation people, knew what is to work in collective, do not be afraid of risking. I brought home very valuable experience, became more mature, self-sustaining and most important- my English language improved a lot, because I had to communicate in it every day. In Lithuania I had my English sharpened up in WIESCO Summer Language Camp. During two weeks we had plenty of activities, work in groups, lessons about English language and American culture. The camp was organized by a cluster of Americans and with some of them I am still keeping in touch. At home I also gained some good experience, as my mother is a manager of non-profit organization, so I always help her with typing texts, organizing trips and cultural events. This year at school on Econimics lesson we play a game called „VEMP“. There are several groups of pupils and we have to run a company. Every week we make decisions such as price, investment, marketing, manufacturing. Last week my group was third out of eight and I cannot wait till next lesson to see if our decisions served the purpose. I think this game is quite useful, because we get to know a bit about business mechanism what is topical for me.

    Sincerely Yours,
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