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    Strange variety, weird multitude

    Can anyone spell out some subtleties of the words with the idea of (being) strange?
    Say, the most common (neutral, general) word is strange with more specific synonyms such as: weird, queer, odd, bizarre.
    Is there really any comprehensible logic in choosing between these? Must be one, I guess.

    I mean, sometimes (even under pretty equal conditions) the choice can be somewhat arbitrary. That's where perplexity may occur. And does so on and off.

    One and the same hobby of collecting crooked cutlery can be desribed as strange or weird or even odd, bizarre.
    The same goes for the person who's into such stuff. Which complicates the whole thing even more.

    I'd like to have some "ultimate", one option examples, with no room for second guesses, with no emotions getting in the way, if possible. To finally feel the nerve of it all.

    Also, I've stumbled across this but it doesn't help for obvious reasons -
    weird/strange/odd/rare - WordReference Forums
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    Re: Strange variety, weird multitude

    I think "bizarre" is the most "out there" description. Something that is weirder than weird is bizarre.

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