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Thread: strike fear

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    Smile strike fear


    In the text below, what does "strike fear" mean?

    Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV's most provocative entertainment news show. I'm A.J. Hammer in New York. It's time now for a little story that made us say, " That's Ridiculous. " We've all heard of guard dogs, of course, but now there's a Tabby cat in New Jersey that is so good at guarding his yard, he can even strike fear in the heart of a black bear. That's right. In North Jersey, Jack, a 15 pound orange and white cat, ran a trespassing bear up a tree.

    Text from CORPUS.

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    Re: strike fear

    HE makes the bear feel fear. Must be one Terrific Cat He is pretty remarkable since he can change the colour of his fur.

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    Re: strike fear

    'strike (an emotion) into' means to cause or create a particular strong emotion in someone : "Drugs—a subject guaranteed to strike fear into parents' hearts."

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