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    The agricultural revolution of ten thousand years ago started the great shift from rural to urban living. As human settlements evolved from simple groups of huts to larger villages, and then to towns and cities, their basic pattern changed. ... ... A lot of us yearn to escape to these simpler, more romantic settlements of the past. But there are probably more of us who have a powerful urge to explore new ideas and to build bigger and better structures. We now have super-settlements called cities. Our city planner and architects have converted the organic pattern of the village into a geometrically perfect grid. ... ...

    (Hi! What is the "organic pattern"? I mean, what does "organic" mean in this context? May I get it as "natural/basic pattern" ? Thanks! )

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    Re: organic

    Correct. It is the antithesis of a "planned growth".

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    Re: organic

    And the opposite of "geometrically perfect grid"

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