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    Arrow cut out

    In the name of the Merciful Allah,
    Hello, Please help me understand the meaning of cut out in this quote: "Glaciers may form in permanently cold areas, and these slowly moving masses of ice cut out valleys, carrying with them huge quantities of eroded rocks"
    The closest meaning I've found is " leave in a hurry", but the problem that it's an intransitive verb.

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    Re: cut out

    You could replace "cut out" with carve in this context.

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    Re: cut out

    They cut a valley into the rock.

    As more rain falls on the surface and freezes, the pressure on the ice below increases. This causes it to spread. Since glaciers form on mountain slopes, most of the spreading will be downhill. Thus glaciers flow, much like rivers, but far more slowly. The passage of the moving ice over the rock will erode it, much like water does in rivers. Over a long period of time, so much rock will have been eroded, and carried downhill, that a valley will be formed in the rock. The glacier has cut out a valley.


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