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    the meaning of some words

    I would be very grateful if someone can help me by explaining the meaning of the underlined words in the last paragraph of this post.
    Thanks in advance.

    Whether the remarkable growth of organized camping means the eventual death of the more independent kind is hard to say. Municipalities naturally want to secure the campers' site fees and other custom. Police are wary of itinerants who cannot be traced to a recognized camp boundary or to four walls. But most probably it will all depend upon campers themselves: how many heath fires they cause; how much litter they leave; in short, whether or not they wholly alienate landowners and those who live in the countryside. Only good scouting is likely to preserve the freedoms so dear to the heart of the eternal Boy Scout.

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    Re: the meaning of some words

    Four walls" implies a permanent building >> a house, which itinerants will not have.

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    Re: the meaning of some words

    Thank you, Anglika, very much for your timely answer.

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