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    Many questions run in the minds of new users of internet about its purpose, definition, and history; and they quickly discover its amazing benefits as well as its ugly drawbacks. Internet commonly is considered as one of the fastest communication networks. It provides wonderful and interesting services. On other hand as it services positively, it services negatively. So, this requires a good and wise use of the internet.

    Internet as it is defined by its specialists is a global network of interconnected computers that facilitates sharing information between users of internet. The main purpose of internet invention was to spread information between geographically scattered computers and to control nuclear attack by United States of America. For this reason, US established Advanced Research Projects Agency Networks in 1969. After that, internet has become accessible to public, and its purpose has developed to multi-functional services.

    As the internet became available to public, many hard and difficult things have been, to some extent, overcome or reduced. Due to this advanced technology, the access to the internet gives birth to many advantages; for example, communication is the main target of internet; it allows making global relationships and chatting with beloved people around the world. Information perhaps is the important advantage of internet because Google, Yahoo, and other sites provide the users by a plenty of information regarding law, marketing, conferences, history and to name but a few… Entertainment is another advantage if it is not the popular one because many people prefer to surf the internet in order to download games, visiting chat rooms, and listening to music. In addition to this, there are so many other interests and services, such as online banking, job seeking, and purchasing tickets; without forgetting e-commerce and e-books.

    However, the internet brings disadvantages and dangers towards mankind. Some of these disadvantages and drawbacks are: stealing personal information by crackers like credit card number. Spamming is sending e-mails to cheat people providing them with unreal news. Virus threat destruct functioning of computer system. Another disadvantage and the dangerous one is pornography which targets children s mental health life as well it changes and distorts the reputation, morality ,and mentality of women and men into a mere illegal sexual activities. In addition to pornography, addiction is another danger because there are many users of internet stay no less than five hours in front of computer which can cause health problems.

    For these factors, one has to think about the appropriate way to profit from internet and avoid its drawbacks. First, everyone should learn about the dangers and drawbacks of internet. Second, for parents should control their children. Third, every user of internet should organize his or her time and not giving all time to the internet…Fifth, there should be laws that provides security and punishes all who tries to transgress this security.

    In conclusion, internet is one of the excellent invent was ever created and developed through a history because of its uncountable advantages, but its disadvantages calls for carefulness and a well self-control in access to the internet.


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    Re: Please, EDIT THIS ESSAY

    Hi, Yassin -

    Thanks for feeding my internet addiction!

    This isn't bad. I don't want to line edit the whole essay, but here's one thing you should fix: The phrase "control nuclear attack by United States of America" might confuse readers. In English construction, this means other nations set up the internet to stop the U.S. from attacking them.

    While that makes sense and probably would have been a good idea at the time, your next sentence about the U.S. setting up an agency suggests that you meant to say that the U.S. used the internet to deal with attacks by others.

    [I edit copy and have tutored college writing.]

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