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    hitched,chewing gum,

    My respectec teachers,
    1 : "They must have got hitched" means "they must have got married"
    2 : "I'm chewing chewing gum" correct?
    3 : "I never lie come what may" correct?
    4 : "He has lots of floors" What does it mean?
    5 : "I'm feeling leftout" what does it mean?
    6 : "He is a dorky or dork"? which one should be used?

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    Re: hitched,chewing gum,

    Quote Originally Posted by twilit1988 View Post
    My respected teachers,
    1 : "They must have gotten hitched" means "They must have gotten married." Yes.
    2 : "I'm chewing chewing gum.Correct? Yes, but it's bad for your teeth.
    3 : "I never lie, come what may." Correct? Get that comma and a period in there.
    4 : "He has lots of floors" What does it mean? I have no idea.
    5 : "I'm feeling left out." What does it mean? "Left out" is two words and means "excluded."
    6 : "He is a dorky or dork"? Which one should be used? "Dork" is a noun. "Dorky" is an adjective. Use either: "He is a dork," or "He is dorky."
    [I edit text, have tutored college writing, and am a bit of a dork, myself.]


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