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    Lightbulb ESL Production companies

    Hello all, my first post here so appologies if it's in the wrong place (or have spelling mistakes). I am an English voiceover artist (living in the UK) and whilst doing some research I came across an American ESL and foreign language teaching programme looking for English speakers to participate in a voiceover, however they had to live in the US. After contacting them they said that there were some in London, after a search I'm struggling, does anyone know of any that they would recomend that I could contact?

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: ESL Production companies

    Is it specfically ESL work you are looking for? Or any voice work? The RNIB have studios in London and might be interested.

    RNIB Talking Book Studios, NW1 7DJ, »

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    Re: ESL Production companies

    Hi Anglika, Thanks for your responce whilst I am always on the lookout for any voiceover work I was conscious of not touting for business. It was just that I found an American company who required English speaking person for an ESL language teaching programme and I thought about looking in to it a bit more, hence why I came here to see if I could be pointed in the right direction.

    Thank you for you other recomendations, I will certainly be looking in to those.

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