“Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It's not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything”, as said by Muhammad Ali. Everybody has at least one best friend, I’m special, and I have three. They are my big sister Julia, my mom, and Mari. They are all three different, but also the same. They have different taste in music and in movies, but they all enjoy the same things.
My mom’s name is Janet; she is married to my dad and has been for almost 22 years, they have four kids together. My mom never graduated from high school, but she did get her GED. She works in the kitchen at the care home. When she’s not working she’s at home doing chores around the house, and spending time with her kids and grandkid. She enjoys whatever is on the radio, but of course she likes the 80’s music. She wears sweats and a comfy shirt, unless she is at work. My mom likes Lifetime movies and CSI. I can tell her anything, and she doesn’t get mad at what I do or the choices I make, she helps me. Of course she is still my mom and her foot is put down sometimes and I get in trouble, but since I’m honest with her that doesn’t happen very much.
Julia is my exquisite big sister. She was the middle child for 13 years so she’s a spoiled brat. She has one older brother and two younger sisters, one is me. Julia got married the summer before her senior year. She never went to college, but as far as I know she plans to go in the future. Julia has a daughter who is 3 months old. She lives with her husband and daughter of course. Hip hop and rap is what she listens to, I can’t tell you why. I personally don’t like that kind of music. She is into movies that are romantic, and sits at home and watches them. She doesn’t like to work and can’t cook, so Kenny, her husband, does that for her. If you were to see Julia she’d more than likely be in jeans and a nice shirt.
Since she was/is spoiled she is picky about everything. What and where she eats, how the food is brought to her, and she even has to eat it a certain way. So, because of her being picky we fight a lot. Of course we always make up.
Mari Malcom is my other best friend that I lovely dearly. I’ve only known her for a year and a half, but we’re very close. She is single and I’m not sure if she likes it but she deals with it. She has 2 brothers. She graduated last year and went to college. Unfortunately College wasn’t for her, she dropped out. So now she’s living with her parents until she gets a place of her own and a job. For fun Mari likes to drive around and listen to music, she likes rock and metal mostly. She enjoys musicals and drama movies. Now unlike Julia, and like my mom, if you see Mari she’d probably be wearing sweats and a t-shirt or sweatshirt. We have never fought and I hope it stays that way. We’re there for each other, like best friends should be.
I can tell any of these guys anything and they won’t judge me just listen and tell me what they think. I can trust them with my deepest darkest secret and know that they wouldn’t tell a soul. I am going to be so lost when I go to college. I wish I could shrink them and put them in my bag. They are all three laid back and like to hang out with their friends. On a Friday night they would be with friends. My mom would probably be at the neighbors. While Julia would be with a variety of friends, and Mari would be with me. They all enjoy a good laugh, that’s probably why they hang out with me, to laugh at the stupid stuff I do. Julia and Mari are 19 and jobless, but their views on working are different. My mom is 38 with a family to support.
My three best friends are unique and that’s why I love them. They have different taste in music and movies .Mari doesn’t like to fight, it seems as though that all Julia wants to do and my mom is neutral, she’s a mom. I love them all dearly and am going to be lost without them so close to me. As I stated earlier by Muhammad Ali “Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It's not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything”.