I find Science an interesting subject because of the different things that involve it. Everything that involves Science is another interesting things that I don´t know waiting out there for me to learn about it.

First, science answers all of nature´s and daily-life questions. “How do you produce light?”, ”How is paper formed?” All those and other questions have been answered to me in this last two school years. While we were dealing with density in our Science class, we read an article explaining “Why do boats float?” and “ Why did the Titanic sink?”.

Also, things that I have learned will help me during my lifetime. Science opens to a number of different and exciting carreers that require high level of education in this subject. Science also helps to choose a career in the different fields within the subject; Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, etc.

My favorite things to learn during Science class are about anatomy, genetics, and chemistry. Learning about these topics are like finding a book that can be used as a guide through life; answering all the how´s and why´s of basic human life. Everything in the book fascinates me and fills me with exciment and even sometimes surprises me. In Chemistry, I enjoy learning about matter and how it shapes up the world we live in. During the study of anatomy I learned more about myself and found interesting facts.

In conclusion, I am interested in science because it guides me through the world of tomorrow without forgeting the basic today. Studying science opens the world in its different fields involving everyday life and nature.