People have different job expectations for jobs. Some people prefer to do the same job for the same company, whereas others prefer to change jobs frequently.Discuss

Some people support doing the only one kind of work, whereas opponents think that it is more interesting if we work in different profession. This essay will discuss the advantages of the two trends above.

From the one side, staying in the same job gives one the stability in work. They only focus on the one field and that definitely brings them more chances to improve their experiences and skills in the specific area. Another important aspect of this is that the benefits of the ageing employees are certainly higher than that of those having just came to the company in short term. The boss would appreciate their loyalty and have them much higher salaries than the newcomers could get. In addition to, they are likely to attain the important positions in their group. It is true that most of the head of departments are the people having a lot of time in the company.

From the other side, by changing the job, one could experience with different kinds of work. This means that one would have numerous skills and that he or she become familiar to cope with the change in work and daily life as well. To the people who feel bore with their current job, changing is a smartly solution to refresh themselves. Maybe the new job is more suitable to them than the old one and gives them the happiness in work.

To sum up, staying in one job or changing job have its own advantages. From my point of view, if the current job brings us the pleasure, we should keep it and do it as well as we can.