Dear teachers,

It would be very nice if you could correct or reword my essay. I need any kind of advice frome you.

Thank you in advance.

Fairy Tale

Last night, after reading a piece of sad words in a girl’s blog post, grieving for someone or something that had died before his/her due time, several sentences crossed my mind and I wrote them down as a reply:
Those who die before their time are all angels. They come to tell us sth and return to paradise.
Those what come to an untimely end are all flowers. They hide in seeds somewhere, waiting to meet you in another spring.
I don’t know whether these could do something for the blogger, like consolation or encouragement or such things, but I’m a bit surprised and amused at how I could think of such a fairy tale for I should have sent that kind of stories back to Andersen a long time before.
However, it is a common practice that we use some beautiful stories to comfort people in depression, and I don’t think this is insincere. Is it the case that we don’t believe those stories at all? I cannot agree with this point. Of course we don’t base our lives on those stories, but we hold a glimmer of expectation in our heart and hope they could happen to those unfortunate people. It’s kind.