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Thread: Thank You!

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    Thank You!

    I just cannot believe that I stumbled onto this forum.
    I am such a stickler for the proper use of the English (actually, for me it's more the "American") language.
    When I see the teachers at my childrens' schools (fourth grade boy and seventh grade boy) using improper grammer or punctuation it just makes me crazy.
    Some friends of my children really watch what they say around me, because I will correct them.

    Thank you for this forum. I sometimes have questions (like I can never figure out the right way to use "bring" and "take") so I call my (91 year old) mother to ask her what's right. Sometimes she can't help me with my grammar questions. If she can't help, I call my brother-in-law, who is a retired high school English teacher.

    Now that I've found I am a really happy camper!

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    Re: Thank You!

    I'm glad you like it.

    PS There's a typo in line 3 that you might want to change.


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