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    Dear mam/sir,
    I'm Rizke from Indonesia. Today I'll prepare my thesis about "A students ability in understanding idiomatic expressions". But I have some obstacles in understanding idioms, so I have several questions about idioms and I hope you can answer my questions as soon as possible.
    There are some list of sentences and can you help me which one is idiom and what does it means?
    1. I say without moving muscle
    2. I'll just have a teeny peek
    3. We won't be cast out on the streets
    4. I hiss in horror
    5. I beam back at him
    6. Experimentally I proud my bump
    7. How can I be so uncool?
    8. My skin starts to prickle
    9. Your outfit is shoddy, Mother?
    10. I try to sound matter-of-fact
    11. I catch my breath
    12. I give an offhand shrug
    13. How lovely,darling?
    14. And then they knife you
    15. He gives an incredulous snort
    I expecting your answer as soon as possible, so I can do my thesis right away. Thank you.

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    Re: ask idiom

    Post your phrases at this site:

    If it is an idiom, it will give the required information.

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