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    Reprase this paragraph?

    Now comes the fun part. This is tedious and time-consuming, but necessary for creating this effect. Basically, you want to take your pen tool and trace the outline of your broom stick, creating a mask around it. Place three points at each end, taking care to slightly round off the tips of the light sword.

    Notice how there are three points on the tip, slightly rounding off the top part of the blade:
    And three more points at the bottom slightly round out the bottom near the base: Press M twice on the keyboard to bring up the Mask Properties, then press the Stopwatch next to Mask Path to set a keyframe.

    Now move to the next frame by pressing Page Down on your keyboard, and realign the points on the mask shape to the broomstick.
    In the picture below, notice how the outline does not cover the broomstick anymore - obviously, this is because the broomstick is moving in the video. You need to adjust the points on your mask in order to cover up the broomstick. Basically, you are tracing the broomstick frame by frame.

    Repeat this process until the end of the shot, taking care to keep the outline on the broomstick the entire time. You need to do this so that, when you add the glow and color later, they will follow the movements of the broomstick.

    Once you have completed this for the entire shot, you should have a complete set of keyframes, and your outline should follow the movement of the broomstick. Play it back by pressing 0 (zero) on the numberpad, so that you can make sure your outline looks correct. If it does not, make the necessary adjustments.

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    Re: Reprase this paragraph?

    may you please reply by today, 2/26

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